Price Rates

Rent Tariffs - Yearly paid in advance 
Offices and Private Warehouses
(A-C-E-F-H-PR Blocks)
$ 13,31 sqm/month
Plaza Warehouse Rental$ 13,31 sqm/month
Plaza Office Rental$ 20 sqm/month

General Expenses - Electricity, water supply, heating, security, cleaning etc. (paid every 3 months) 
A-C-E-F-PR Blocks (Offices and Warehouses)$ 4,00 sqm/month
H Blocks$ 2,85 sqm/month
Plaza (Offices and Warehouses)$ 4,50 sqm/month

Tariff for General Warehouse 
01-15 daysC.I.F. Value X storage period (days) X $ 4/10.000
15 days +C.I.F. Value X storage period (days) X $ 3/10.000

Tariff for General Warehouse Services 
Loading/Unloading (Tracked items)$ 8,00 / Ton
Loading/Unloading (Bulk goods)$ 10,00 / Ton
Loading/Unloading (Hanging textile products)$ 12,00 / Ton
WinchWinch and Other Costs + %10
Private storage Services (Stowage, collocation etc.)$ 12,00 / person / hour
"Private storage Services with Forklifts
(Stowage, collocation etc.)"
$ 25,00 / forklift / hour
Overtime pay up to 15 tons (Tracked items)100$ - For each additional tonne 10,00 $
Overtime pay up to 15 tons (Bulk goods)140$ - For each additional tonne 12,00 $
Transaction Form$ 3 / form

Tariff for Transit Trade  
In effect, without the input and output for goods loading / unloading will be charged half price.

Tariff for Parking  
Motor Truck, Truck and Van Parking Fee$ 22
Yearly Entrance & Exit Fee for Automobile $ 25

Tariff for Weighbridge  
Full or Empty Measurement Free$ 14
*The fee is paid at the moment of the measurement.

Tariff for Restaurant 
Meal Price 16,00 TL