Our Products

ISBI Istanbul Ataturk Airport Free Zone offers facilities designed to meet the specific needs of the companies. ISBI provides offices, private warehouses and general warehouses of various sizes with ready and state-of-the-art infrastructure and cost-effective expenses.


We offer ideal offices both for large corporate headquarters and for small start-up businesses. Our office spaces range from a minimum 17 square meter to much larger sizes (thousands of square meters).

Private Warehouses

Companies which import, export, store, and distribute goods will find a wide range of private warehouse spaces, which start from a minimum 50 square meter, in Istanbul Ataturk Airport Free Zone.

General Warehouse

ISBI offers general – shared – warehouse facilities as well. Companies operating in ISBI can choose to use general warehouse instead of having their own private warehouse, or companies having their own private warehouse can use general warehouse when they need extra storage area.