Types of Activities

Manufacturing and Production Activities

Besides manufacturing and production, companies can perform operations such as purchasing-selling of the raw materials and semi-finished products used in production, storage, packing, marking, labelling, exhibition and repair and maintenance of the goods in ISBI Istanbul Ataturk Airport Free Zone.

Purchasing-Selling Activities

The companies can perform the operations of purchasing-selling, packing, re-packing, labelling, marking, storage and exhibition of the goods.

Warehousing, Transit Warehousing Activities

Warehousing and transit warehousing activities can be performed in ISBI.

Assembling-Disassembling Activities

Assembling and disassembling of the goods can be performed.

Repair and Maintenance Activities

Repair and maintenance of the goods can be performed.

Banking and Insurance Services

All Other Types of Activities Approved by the Council of Ministers