Incentives and Advantages

100% VAT Exemption

All companies established in ISBI are exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT).

Trade Facility Free From Customs Duty Procedure

The goods in free circulation can be sent to Turkey or to the EU countries from ISBI free zone without any customs duty payment. Moreover, no customs duty is applied on the goods of third country origin at the entrance into the free zone and exit to the 3rd countries.

100% Corporate Tax or Income Tax Exemption

Production companies are 100% exempt from “Corporate Tax” or “Income Tax” without any pre-requisition.

100% Income Tax Exemption Over Salaries Paid To Employees

Production companies which export at least 85% of their production, are 100% exempt from income tax paid over the salaries of the employees, which normally differs between 15-35% in Turkey, according to the salary level.

100% Foreign Company Ownership

Companies of full foreign ownership are quite welcome to start their business in ISBI.

Equal Treatment

Regardless of their origin, all companies benefit from the incentives and advantages provided in free zone equally.

Opportunity to Transfer Profits

The revenue and earnings from free zone activities can be freely transferred to Turkey or abroad without any permission.

No Time Limitation for Stocking Goods

It is possible to stock goods for an unlimited time within free zone.

Inflation Protection

As every payment is made with convertible currencies in ISBI, companies are not affected by domestic inflation.

Minimized Bureaucracy and Dynamic Management

During application and operation process, bureaucracy is minimized. Furthermore, Istanbul Ataturk Airport Free Zone is professionally managed by ISBI – Istanbul Ataturk Airport Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc., with a mission of presenting companies all the necessary infrastructure and support for all their activities within free zone.

Competitive Infrastructure Standards

Infrastructure of Istanbul Ataturk Airport Free Zone is competitive with international standards. ISBI also offers competitive prices in terms of the rents of the offices and warehouses.

Strategic Advantages

Turkey is a gateway to 3 continents: Europe, Africa, Asia. ISBI, located in Istanbul, the financial, commercial and cultural center of Turkey, offers the advantages of being 1 km. away from Ataturk International Airport which is the second busiest and most important airport in the Middle East; 12 km. away from Ambarli Port which is the greatest port in Turkey; 22 km. away from Port of Haydarpasa, and 10 km. away from Halkali Railroad Station.

Free Entrance to 2nd Hand Machines

Companies operating in free zone are allowed to bring used machines to free zone without any restriction or tax.

Access to Domestic and Foreign Markets

In contrast to most of the free zones in the world, sales to the domestic market are allowed.